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Best High School Retreat Locations In New York

Amazing High School Retreats

Trying to find the perfect location to take a large group of young people can be a challenge. We have searched far and wide across the state of New York to bring you a list of 5 locations that cater to school groups, with the aim of bringing you a selection that we hope offers ideas and inspiration.

Each of the retreats we have listed below is in a unique location, offering something that other school retreat centers do not. Further more they all have overnight accommodation and offer a range of activities or pursuits that sets them apart from each other.

So whether you are looking for beautiful scenery, tons of activities, plenty of accommodation or all of that and then some, we think that you’ll find something here to fit the bill.

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Berkshire Retreat Center at Camp Schodack

Nestled in 100 acres of privately owned woodlands and playing fields is Camp Schodack. Throughout the summer it hosts hundreds of children at its Summer Camp which has been operating for over 60 years. Before and after the summer it welcomes groups of all kinds to rent and use the facilities available. These include beautifully renovated cabins and private accommodations that can house up to 500 people, as well as a large Dining Room with on site catering and a whole wealth of activities.

We are perfectly equipped to do with large groups of young people and are the perfect locations for high school retreats, school athletics groups and religious or spiritual getaways. Our dedicated, on-site team will work with you before you arrive to create a program of activity that works for your group and will be on hand throughout your stay to make sure that your group has everything they need.

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Mt Gilead Conference Center

Welcome to Mt. Gilead! We are a Christian summer camp and retreat center located directly behind Camelback Ski Mountain in the heart of the Pennsylvania Poconos. Our retreat center operates between August 15th to June 15th (our summer camp occupies our summer months)! We offer team building activities such as high and low ropes courses, archery and even riflery for groups between 12 and 110 people. With a large basketball court, swimming pool, huge gaga court, volleyball court, soccer field, fishing & boating pond, hiking trails and beautiful indoor meeting spaces.

Mt. Gilead makes a great venue for church, school and non-profit retreats. Our group pricing is one of the most affordable in the Pocono Mountains and can be seen lower on this page. If you need a location for a group under 110 people, use our contact form on this website to get in touch with us and we will get you a custom estimate right away

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Radiant Living School at Yoga Farm

In the fall of 2018 we transitioned from a corporate/for-profit model to a nonprofit charitable, 501c3 organization; called ‘The Radiant Living School’. Our curriculum is taught at Yoga Farm, in area schools, online, and in organizations and businesses in our region. Our Radiant Living curriculum cultivates vibrant physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity, healing the root causes of suffering, and returning individuals to the stunning recognition of their own worthiness, magnificence, and the purity of their own goodness.

Two beautiful private gorges full of waterfalls run down the north and south borders of this 65-acre farm. The farm has a 30-acre organic hay field, 25 acres of mixed hard- and soft-woods, and lush pastures for livestock. A flock of peacocks and peahens live with us, as well as a few dogs. Yoga Farm members have access to our hiking trails, gorges, our pavilion as well as our yoga and meditation classes.

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School of Rock

School of Rock is a music school for all skill levels, ages, and musical aspirations. With students ranging from toddlers to adults, School of Rock is where music students grow into real musicians. Throughout the year, School of Rock offers music camps and workshops perfect for musicians of all skill levels who play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals.

School of Rock's music camps offer an incredible selection of experiences from beginner music camps to intermediate and advanced sessions. Our music camps often include performance boot camps, artist-themed camps, songwriting and recording, and more—there's a camp for every interest and skill level. Most music camps end with an epic live rock show performed by the campers. Check the School of Rock location closest to you for upcoming music camps and clinics that teach students not only how to play music, but also music theory, songwriting, and Rock 'n' Roll appreciation.

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Lake Clear Lodge

Meandering spaces in playful, healing woods and clear waters. Naturally luxurious and 4 generations of authenticity. Secluded artisan lodgings, foods from the heart, and magical activities in one transformative sense of place. Where traveling is more about connecting than visiting. 
You don't have to go anywhere; you can paddle, hike, bike, fish, and experience unique activities right on our property, from History of Beer Workshops to Cooking Classes. Enjoy spectacular sunsets and fall foliage right on our property.

Our strategic location between Saranac Lake/Lake Placid and Tupper Lake makes it effortless to explore some of the Adirondack's best activities. Within a short drive through blazing fall foliage you can explore The Wild Center, a historic downtown, the Olympic Village, and so much more.

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Best New York State Retreat Centers

Best New York State Retreat Centers

Looking for a Retreat Center? Take a look at our list of 5 unique locations located across New York State. We hope that you will find ideas and inspiration.

Best Capital Region Retreat Centers

Best Capital Region Retreat Centers

A list of 5 unique conference and retreat centers in and around the Capital Region, all just a short drive from Albany, New York.

Retreat Center Inspiration

Amazing Retreat Center Inspiration

When thinking of planning a group retreat, whether it is a family reunion, a corporate getaway, a spiritual gathering, or whatever the reason may be, picking a location is not only a very important decision but also an incredibly hard one to make. There are so many options for to choose from that picking something ideal for your group can be a challenge that cause many to fall at the first hurdle.

This is why we have put together a list of 5 amazing retreat centers that all offer something a little different, whether it is the activities they offer, the beautiful scenery around it or simply the facilities onsite. So even if you do not find the retreat center you ate looking for from this list, we are sure that you will find ideas and inspiration here to help you in your search.


Hire a Whole Summer Camp for the Weekend - Camp Schodack / Berkshire Retreat Center

Why get a hotel or a conference center for three hours when you could book your own private resort for the weekend? Bring the family, friends, colleagues and whoever else wants to enjoy an unforgettable experience!

We are set on 100 acres of privately owned lawns and woodlands located just 2.5 hours from both Boston and New York City.  We have overnight accommodation for up to 500 people and a number of picturesque locations around the grounds that people have chosen as the ideal place to share their vows, relax or spend time with friends. With plenty of activities included there is so much for you and your guests to do.

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Go Glamping and get off the Beaten Path - Collective Retreat at Governors Island

Collective Retreats is a new, meaningful way to travel. Each retreat is located in an iconic destination and features luxury outdoor accommodations, exceptional culinary experiences, and genuine hospitality. We created Collective Retreats because we love travel and believe in its power to help us connect—to places, to people, and to ourselves.

Our team has decades of experience in travel and hospitality—and more importantly, a shared appreciation of exploration, adventure, and innovation. We are building a company that makes it possible for luxury to coexist with ruggedness, for fine dining to happen under the stars, and for people to connect to a place and to those around them

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Enjoy the Mountains - Shalom Mountain

Shalom Retreats® were developed by Jerry and Elisabeth Jud, in 1969, as a process for exploring the transformative power of loving community.  Jerry and Elisabeth demonstrated that by creating a community that practices the skills of intentional loving, great personal healing and transformation can occur. In 1976, Shalom Mountain Retreat and Study Center was established in the Catskill Mountains one hundred miles northwest of New York City as the home of Shalom Process. It was founded as a ‘hope structure’, calling people to live passionately and with compassion in the world.

From 1992 to 2007 the subsequent owners, Joy Davey and Lawrence Stibbards expanded the center’s retreat offerings and developed leadership training programs.  Currently established as a not-for-profit 501c(3), Shalom Mountain is governed by a board and management team, and run by staff, volunteers and a network of retreat leaders with backgrounds in psychology, theology, education, medicine and business.  Our retreat leaders are extensively trained and experienced in Shalom Process.

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Enjoy Lakeside Views - Ashbury Retreat Center

Located on the shores of Silver Lake in Western New York, Asbury is a premier retreat center that offers a variety of facilities to meet everyones needs. Our site boasts over 60 acres and over a quarter mile of shoreline on Silver Lake. In addition to providing facilities for groups to conduct their own retreats, meetings, worship services, and programs, we can assist with program planning, guide groups through our low ropes course, conduct retreats and workshops, lead singing and games, and provide supervision for recreational activities.

Asbury also offers year round retreats for families, children and youth, clergy, and adults.

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Make the Most of the City - Sanctuary NYC Retreats

We welcome you to the serene spiritual atmosphere Sanctuary provides, as well as varied programs on bhakti (yoga of devotion) which we offer as part of our membership program. These include sacred meditation in the yoga studio/temple room, workshops on Vinyasa infused bhakti yoga, kirtan (devotional chant/prayer), history and philosophy of yoga, Ayurveda (science of life and healing), as well as varied workshops/events on related subject matters (nurturing body, mind & soul).

Each room is equipped with a mini library of books on the science of the soul as delineated in the ancient classic Bhagavad Gita, the text that inspired Gandhi, Emerson, Thoreau and Einstein who wrote; "I bathe my intellect daily in the cosmological wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita." Weekly classes are included in the Sanctuary membership program @ our affiliate The Bhakti Center.

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Great Group Retreat Locations

Great Group Retreat Locations

Haver a look at our list of great group retreat locations, situated all over New York state. All with great accommodation, beautiful scenery and much, much more.

Amazing High School Retreat Ideas

Amazing High School Retreat Ideas

See a list of 5 of the best and most unique high school retreat locations around New York State.

New York Conference Centers

New York Conference Centers

A look at 5 incredible conference centers across New York . Have a look through this list for ideas and inspiration for your next event, whether it is a wedding, conference or team retreat.

Amazing Retreat Locations

5 Amazing Retreat Locations in New York

Finding the right location for your event can be a challenging task, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Having been providing amazing experiences for over 60 years, we know that choosing the right Retreat Center is important, so here we have taken a look at 5 totally different Retreat centers in and around New York State to give you and your guests inspiration for next getaway.


The Summer Camp - Camp Schodack

With overnight accommodation for up to 500 guests at any one time, Camp Schodack is a truly unique location in the foothills of the Berkshires. Spread over a 100-acres, this privately owned venue operates as a Summer Camp from mid-June to mid-August. One of the benefits to a venue such as this is that any rental group has the bonus of taking advantage of all of the activities that are part of the property during their stay. These include go-karts, archery, a climbing tower, 7 tennis courts, 2 heated outdoor swimming pools as well as a range of indoor and outdoor areas and meeting spaces to take full advantage of the beauty of the capital region.

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The Learning Center - Peace Village

There are spaces that touch the heart and soul in ways that you will not find anywhere else. Peace Village is a learning and retreat center that offers weekend retreats on a variety of topics where you can learn to meditate and study spiritual knowledge. The silence and tranquility of the Village provides the atmosphere for self-exploration and spiritual practice. Practicing yogis volunteer and teach at Peace Village. Their hospitality and warmth while hosting you during your retreat will be one of the memorable aspects of your stay. Peace Village opened in 1999  and is a retreat center of the Brahman Kumaris .

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The Meditation Center - Kadampa Center

In 1994 Kadampa Buddhist teacher Geshe Kelsang Gyatso established Chakrasambara Center in New York City and requested one of his senior students, Kadam Morten, to become the principal teacher. The Center started off in a small graffiti covered dance studio near the Bowery, and by 2001 classes were being held in a rented commercial space in Chelsea. With an unprecedented volume of people seeking these teachings and meditations each week, we faced an immediate need to expand. In late 2011 we located and were able to purchase a street front space only two blocks away from our longtime location. After an extensive build-out and the installation of  numerous newly cast Buddha statues, in October 2012 we opened the doors to the future of Kadampa Buddhism in New York City.

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The Farm - Bailey Farm

Bailey Farms was settled by John Young in the early 1800s, and the original farmhouse still survives. The property was acquired in that century by “Old Ira” Bailey, from whom the Farm gets its name. In the early 1900s, the property was purchased by a Broadway actress. Next, legend has it that a wealthy New York gentleman took ownership of the Farm and in 1937 built a replica of a Georgian estate house for his wife, who had admired a picture of a similar structure in a British magazine. Twenty years ago, Bailey Farms became the retreat and conference center it is today, dedicated to serving the larger community. We regularly welcome schools and colleges; professional and business associations; churches, synagogues, and other religious / spiritually oriented groups; community, civic, and cultural groups.

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The Mountain Spa - Menla

Set in a secluded valley beside an enchanting stream in the heart of the Catskill mountains, Menla is a hidden oasis, featuring spiritual and wellness retreats as well as exclusive getaways and the world-class Dewa Spa. A truly unique venue, Menla is the Dalai Lama’s cultural center in North America—a modern retreat and destination spa inspired by the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Tibet. Immerse yourself in the magic of our pristine mountain forests, explore hiking trails, encounter wildlife, and discover a rich tapestry of wellness experiences and activities, including workshops with renowned teachers, yoga and meditation, Tibetan healing therapies, massage and other bodywork, and so much more.

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5 Unique Conference Centers in New York

Check out our list of 5 of the most unique conference centers in New York and the North East

If you are looking for a conference center to hold your next event, then take a look through our 5 incredible options for locations to hire in New York and the North East of the US. We have varied our range to include Conference and Retreat Centers in a number of locations with offerings near lakes, in the woods, cities, farms and more.

Whatever the aim of your event, we think that you’ll find a location here that will suit your needs or at the very least, inspire you.


The one in the countryside…Camp Schodack

Why get a hotel or a conference center for three hours when you could book your own private resort for the whole weekend? Bring the family, friends, colleagues and whoever else wants to enjoy an unforgettable experience! Schodack is the ultimate corporate get away accommodating up to 500 guests. Whether you want to spend your time relaxing with colleagues by the pool, using our extensive indoor spaces for planning and discussions or perhaps you are looking to challenge your group to get the most from themselves through our adventure course, go-kart track or any of the amazing activities we have available.

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The one in the city…Convene at One boston place

Convene at One Boston Place is the newest on-demand meeting, event, and conference space in the heart of Boston's Financial District. This state-of-the-art venue has a capacity for up to 175 guests, including a private outdoor terrace and six meeting rooms - perfect for hosting board meeting, town halls, team offsites, trainings, and corporate receptions. Convene provides a dedicated meeting planning team, an on-site Executive Chef who prepares seasonal menus for your attendees, and unlimited access to Nourish, which is our fully-stocked snack and refreshment stations.

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The one by a lake...Fort william henry

The Fort William Henry offers upscale lodging accommodations with the perfect mix of historical elegance and today’s conveniences. From the traditional grace of the Grand Hotel to the comfort of the Premium East and Standard West rooms, all of our accommodations enjoy access to our extensive amenities, including an indoor pool with sauna and Jacuzzi, Olympic-size outdoor pool,  and three restaurants all on resort grounds.

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The one on a farm…Eddy farm

We are committed to excellence in providing programs and facilities for worship, teaching, counseling, banquets, conferences, retreats, and physical activities–all with a focus on the Bible as our standard of living.

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The one in with a water park…Hope lake lodge

We look forward to welcoming you on your next vacation to Hope Lake Lodge Resort and Conference Center in Upstate New York, a first class destination situated on more than 1,600 acres of forests and hills in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York state. Getting to Hope Lake Lodge is easier than you think. Convenient to Interstate-81, Hope Lake Lodge is located halfway between Binghamton and Syracuse near Ithaca, New York. Our central location is just a short drive from many metro areas like NYC, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Toronto, Rochester and Buffalo.

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