5 Beautiful Summer Camp Wedding Venues

Check out this selection of stunning photos of couples at their Summer Camp weddings all over the North East

David & Katie - Camp Schodack, New York

David & Katie - Camp Schodack, New York

Kim & Joe - Stony Brook Conservation, Massachusetts / Photo Credit: Samantha Melanson

Kim & Joe - Stony Brook Conservation, Massachusetts / Photo Credit: Samantha Melanson

Abbie & Javi - Camp Wahelo, Maine / Photo Credit: Bethany & Dan Photography

Abbie & Javi - Camp Wahelo, Maine / Photo Credit: Bethany & Dan Photography

Hannah & Jonathan - Connecticut / Photo Credit: De Nueva Photography

Hannah & Jonathan - Connecticut / Photo Credit: De Nueva Photography

Case & Dan - Camp Akeela, Vermont / Photo Credit: AMW Studios

Case & Dan - Camp Akeela, Vermont / Photo Credit: AMW Studios

Best Sports Retreat Facilities In The Capital Region


Incredible Sports facilities

We have 40 acres of open lawns and sports fields. On our property we have access to a huge number of sports and activities for all ages and abilities. These include an all weather, street hockey rink, archery range, softball/baseball field, 2 soccer pitches (one floodlit), 2 outdoor basketball courts (one floodlit), a huge indoor field house with basketball court that is suitable for many activities. Also on site is our 2 heated swimming pools, a large go-kart track, sand volleyball court and 7 newly laid tennis courts. Furthermore we have a 40 ft climbing tower with 5 sides of varying difficulty and a high ropes adventure course with multiple elements. In addition to all this we are surrounded by a further 60 acres of privately owned woodlands perfect for hiking, exploring and cross country runs.


New York Location 

Here at Camp Schodack we are incredibly fortunate to have such a beautiful and easily accessible property in the State of New York. We are located close to the Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire borders. Set in the foothills of the Berkshires near Albany in the capital region, we are only 2.5 hours from Boston and New York City and as such we are in a prime location in the North East of the United States with great transport links.


Perfect Place To Relax

With all the beauty of New York State as your back drop you couldn’t wish for a betting setting than Schodack, because no matter the season the property always looks stunning. Our cabins are close enough together that you can have all your guests in the same area or should you desire you make use of accommodations further apart from one another, in case you have guests that want to continue celebrating into the night. We have woodland paths surrounding the property and a number of fire pits hidden away that are great for sitting round late in the evening and roasting marshmallows. Many guests arrive and the first thing they do is kick off their shoes and walk barefoot in the grass (something we highly recommend!)


Affordable Packages

Choosing to plan your next event with us doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. We have a dedicated team who will be on hand with you from day one to help you as much or as little as you want. Want to bring in your own catering? No problem! Thinking of planning your own entertainment? Fine with us! You can create your own DIY package to suit your needs or ask our team to help you do it all and let us take the reins. We have been creating amazing summer experiences long enough to have learned how to do it well.


Spacious Cabins and Amazing Outdoor Areas

Each of our main cabins are equipped with cooling fans for the warmer weather and each has their own bathroom and shower facilities inside for the convenience of you and your guests. They are also fitted with porches outside with ample seating. Alongside our main cabins we also have a number of smaller, private accommodations that can sleep couples or individuals should you need use of them. Beyond our accommodation we also have a large, open plan dinning room that can comfortably seat 500 people with access to a large patio should anyone wish to eat outside. We are also fortunate to have many open, outdoor spaces such as our 500 person amphitheater in addition to several covered indoor spaces that can house groups of various sizes to suit your requests, such as our Rec Hall, our Playhouse and more.

5 Reasons To Hold Your Retreat At Berkshire Retreat Center


1. Amazing New York Location

Being located so close to both Boston and Manhattan means that we are in an excellent location for groups in either of those cities. It also means that in the rare case that you may think about venturing beyond our borders for a visit to a nearby State Park, a museum or maybe a concert in Albany, we’ve got you covered. But we promise that there is so much happening on the property that you won’t want to leave.


2. Incredible Capital Region Facilities

We have a number of large indoor and outdoor meeting areas and spaces for activities including our 500 seater playhouse, our Recreation Hall, large outdoor amphitheater and quaint Gazebo for smaller group gatherings. Our site can house up to 500 people in our beautifully renovated cabins. Each comes with high ceilings and fan units which keeps them cool during the hot summer days and warm in the cooler evenings. Each of our cabins comes with its own large porch area complete with outdoor seating for you and your guests to take advantage of.

3. 100 Acres of Private Fields and Woodlands

We are truly hidden away from the outside world and yet still easily accessible for you and your guests. Pull into the parking lot, leave your keys in your cabin and you can spend the rest of your time with us blissfully unaware of the anything else going on. Our guests really get the chance to reconnect with nature and each other. Spend time exploring the 60 acres of woodlands trails around us or ditch the shoes and wander barefoot across our 40 acres of green lawns whilst you enjoy the surroundings.

IMG_4187 (1).jpg

4. More Activities Than You Could Ask For

As we operate as a summer camp from Mid-June to Mid-August our facility is equipped with all of the activities you would associate with a traditional summer camp in the 21st Century. These include popular sports like soccer, lacrosse, basketball and hockey in addition to individual activities like golf and tennis. We have more adventurous activities such as our 40 ft. climbing tower, zip-line, high ropes adventure course and purpose built go-kart track not to mention 2 heated outdoor swimming pools.


5. Make Your Money Go Further

Choosing to plan your next event with us won’t break the bank. Our dedicated team will be on had with you to help you as much or as little as you want. Want to bring in your own catering? No problem. Thinking of planning your own entertainment? Fine with us. You can create your own DIY package to suit your needs or ask our team to help you do it all and let us take the reins.

Top 5 Most Popular Activities

One of the great things about hiring a Summer Camp venue for your next event, no matter what the occasion, is that you and all of your guests get to make use of the fantastic facilities, the huge amount of onsite accommodation and of course, all the activities!

Here we list our most popular activities that you could take advantage of by holding your next event with us...


Water Slide

What could be better on a hot day than breaking out a slip ‘n’ slide? How about an 80ft inflatable water slide purpose built on a hillside for you to slide down and cool off!

Simply put, it’s the best way to get down a hill!


Climbing Tower

40 feet high with 5 different climbing faces, each with varying difficulty levels for you to test your might and all the while you are securely harnessed in and safe to climb at your own leisure with our auto-belay system - so no need to wait around, you can climb as much as you need without further assistance.


Zip Line

Whether its your first or 50th time, the adrenaline that courses through you doesn’t change as you climb to the top of the platform and prepare to take that leap of faith off the top, is amazing. The view is worth the nerves but the feeling you get when you are flying through the air is almost second to none!


Go - Karts

For beginners and adrenaline junkies alike, we defy anyone not to get behind the wheel of one of our karts and not pretend that they are competing in the Indy 500! Pop on a helmet, position your goggles and put the pedal to the metal. Mario Andretti eat your heart out!

IMG_4079 (1).jpg

High Ropes Adventure Course

There are few things better in life than overcoming challenges and our high ropes course is full of them - Jacobs Ladder, the Rope Swing or if you can muster the courage - the Trapeze! Getting to the top, jumping out fully stretched and catching the bar really is the most amazing sensation!

If you want to take advantage of these or indeed any of the activities we have at our Retreat Center then get in touch with our events coordinator carter@schodack.com

10 Reasons to get married at Summer Camp

David & Katie who held their wedding at Camp Schodack, NY

David & Katie who held their wedding at Camp Schodack, NY


    • Why confine yourself to a room in a hotel or conference center when you can make use of 100 acres of open lawns and woodlands in the countryside surrounded by all the beauty of nature.


    • Create the wedding you want without limitation. Want to bring your own caterers? decorations? your best friend Sally’s dog? Go ahead! You can make the schedule that works best for you without anyone telling you otherwise.


    • Summer Camps are set in beautiful locations and available during peak seasons. Whether it is spring, summer or fall, the great American outdoors is a truly spectacular backdrop for any event. Get married on a hilltop or in the woods, with beautiful green lawns stretching out as far as you can see or under a canopy in the trees - You can do it wherever you like.


    • It’s a Summer Camp and that means all the benefits of having plenty of activities right outside your front door. Basketball, baseball, go-karts, swimming pools, climbing towers, woodland hikes, mountain bikes and more. You name it, they have it and they are all available to entertain you and your guests.


    • By renting the facilities, you have the run of the place and can be as lavish or as cost effective as you like. Let them do all the catering or host your own BBQs. You can bring in food trucks or enjoy Camp favorites like grilled cheese!


    • Having people look in at what is going on can feel impersonal when you are trying to celebrate with friends and family. By having the entire place to yourselves you can hold your dream wedding away from peering eyes and really make it special.


    • Who is going to make the ceremony and then who will only be invited to the reception??? You don’t have to worry about that at Camp. With bunks, cabins and accommodation normally used to holding hundreds of people, you can invite everyone you want with no fear of running out of room.


    • If you ever went to summer camp then you know how special it is and you’ll get to dive back into that world for the weekend to celebrate your special day. Plus any guests that never went to Camp can finally see what all the fuss is about.


    • There is no expectation that you will be just there for the day. Many Summer Camps will let you have the facilities overnight or even for the whole weekend. This means that you are in no rush. You can really savor every moment with your guests.


    • Imagine getting to the end of your wedding celebrations and watching fireworks paint the sky and after that, instead of having to put everyone in taxis home, you can all wrap up warm and sit round a fire, roasting marshmallows and talking about how great the weekend was. When you are finally done for the night you’ll only have a short walk back too your cabin!