5 Fun Ideas For Camp Weddings

Sky Lanterns 

Light up the night why a stunning visual display that everyone can get involved in. Getting your guests to double or triple up and light traditional sky lanterns and release them all together not only looks amazing but also adds an inclusive element to your evening. Just be sure to get biodegradable, bamboo framed lanterns so as not to cause problems for the native around you (and get permission from the venue owner of course!)

sky lantersn.jpg

Make Walking Down the Aisle Spectacular

Many weddings have a quiet, sombre element to the bride walking down the aisle. Why not ramp things up by getting the crowd to cheer the bride when she arrives with the bridal party and clap them down the aisle. Go one further and have the groom enter in the same way before his bride. Not only does it get the crowd going but it also makes the moment more of a celebration.

groom walk.jpg

Photo Booth

Cheaper than a wedding photographer but certainly not meant to be in place of one, a photo booth allows your guests to show their silly side in a different way. Everyone loves having the chance to be silly infant of camera. Having a Photo Booth, with a green screen that can transport your guests to anywhere in the world is great fun and lets everyone take home a little souvenir of the day.

photo booth .jpg

Mr & Mrs Game

Every new couple thinks that they know their partner better than anyone but would they agree with each other when asked a whole bunch of questions focused on them? Allow the Best Man or Maid of Honor to take the stage and with the bride and groom sat back to back, ask intimate questions like “Who is the messiest?” Or “Who is the best driver” and have them hold up a ‘Me’ or ‘Them’ card for each answer. The cheers from crowd will let them know if they were right!

mr and mrs.jpg

Zip-Line down the aisle!

Holding your wedding at a Summer Camp like Camp Schodack that features a high ropes course with a zip line, means that you can take advantage of everything on offer at the venue. Add a taste of adventure to how you get to the aisle by zip lining in to your partner. Of course if that seems a little too adventurous (and you don’t want to get helmet hair) then why not race a go-cart up the aisle!

zip line bride.jpg