Amazing Summer Camp Wedding Venue

Here at Camp Schodack we pride ourselves on being able to create amazing experiences for all of the people that choose to spend their time with us. Whether it is our campers here for the summer, couples getting married in the spring/fall or groups that enjoy our wonderful retreat facilities the rest of the year, our motivation to deliver memorable moments is always the same. We are told by our guests time and time again how beautiful the scenery is, how nice it is to switch off and have everything we offer right on the doorstep and how well prepared the staff are to deal with the needs of our guests. We know how important your wedding is and so we want to help you celebrate for more than just a day, we want you to spend all weekend with us so that you get to take full advantage of everything we do.


The Whole Property Can BE Yours

We have a number of picturesque locations for our couples to choose to share their vows and every couple that books with us always adds something new to the experience. Part of the benefit of our offer to couples that book with us is that we can allow exclusive use of our site. This means that you and your guests can be far away from prying eyes or passersby as you, your family and your friends enjoy the beautiful New York State scenery as your backdrop. The facility is home to a huge number of activities to take advantage of as well as 100 acres of lawns, playing fields and woodlands to be used and explored over the whole weekend. All your guests need to do is turn up, leave the cars in the car park and everything they need will be right outside their front door. 


Take Advantage of All of Our Activities

One of the joys of hiring a summer camp to host your wedding means that you and your guests can kick back and regress through the years to remember what it was like to be at Camp! Whether you want to spend part of your weekend on a scavenger hunt, sliding down the water slide, racing go-karts or you may even consider zip-lining down the aisle, we can help make that happen. We have a huge range of sports, games and activities to entertain you and your guests, including soccer, indoor and outdoor basketball, baseball, 2 heated swimming pools, an adventure course, hockey court, mountain biking and more. We are happy to turn over our facilities to you and your guests to make your weekend truly spectacular.

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Enjoy Our Incredible Facilities

Our 100 acre site is split between 40 acres of green fields and lawns that is surrounded by a further 60 acres of woodlands that are covered in criss-crossing trails that are perfect for exploring on a summers afternoon by foot or by mountain bike. We offer dining for up to 500 guests in our dining hall with large outdoor decking area. We also offer accommodation for up to 500 guests so you do not need to worry about cutting down the guest list. Each of our recently refurbished cabins come with en-suite bathroom and shower facilities whether it is our regular cabins sleeping 10-20 guests, or our smaller and more intimate cabins perfect for couples or individuals, we are sure that you’ll find everything you need right here. But just in case we don’t have it, we are happy for our couples to bring anything they want with them!