Best Sports Retreat Center in New York

We are incredibly fortunate here at Camp Schodack to have access to such a fantastic property that houses so many different sports and activities. We have been here on the same privately owned land operating as a popular children’s Summer Camp since 1957 and across the decades that we have been providing amazing experiences for young people we have learned what it takes to create amazing and meaningful memories for the people that choose to spend their time with us. Beyond the summer we have hosted weddings, family reunions and company retreats but where we think we really excel is by when we have clubs and sports teams come and spend time with us both pre and post season. Our site has the perfect blend of activities to energize you and also to help you relax.


Sports Facilities

Across our 100 acre site we have access to all of the traditional sports and activities you would expect from an excellent Summer Camp, plus a lot more. We have 2 soccer fields, one of which is floodlit and 2 outdoor basketball courts and one of them is floodlit allowing games to go on well into the night. We have a baseball/softball field and an all weather hockey rink. We can have both indoor and outdoor volleyball and indoor basketball court (with huge scoreboard) housed in our massive field house perfect for accommodating up to 500 people. Alongside all of these sports we also have 7 newly laid tennis courts, a 40 ft climbing tower featuring an auto-belay system, a high ropes adventure course, zip-line, massive water slide and 2 heated, outdoor swimming pools for when you need to take a dip to escape the hot New York sun.


Accommodation on Site

Each of our cabins are well renovated and can house groups of between 10-20 people. Alongside that we have some large cabins for bigger groups (up to 40) and several smaller, more intimate cabin options that are perfect for couples or individuals. All our accommodation comes with private bathrooms and shower facilities. Each of them come with large outdoor porches with plenty of seating to allow you to make the most of the warm spring, summer or fall evenings and many of our cabins can be adjusted in size to suit your needs. We will also work closely with you to group your guests together as best you see fit or alternatively we can house people in accommodation blocks across the property if you want to keep space between the groups.


fantastic Amenities 

Beyond our sports facilities we are lucky to have a range of other fantastic amenities located all around our property. We are surrounded by 60 acres of woodlands that comprise part of our land and these are criss-crossed with hidden paths and trails perfect for casual exploring or cross-country running. We have a 500 seater Dining-Hall offering a range of menu options and we offer self catering or fully catered packages depending on your budget. Knowing that spending time outdoors can be really important when it comes to relaxing and reconnecting with the world away from the pressures of 21st Century living we are proud to have a number of large outdoor spaces. Whether it is our 500 seater amphitheater, our indoor Playhouse, one of our hidden fire pit areas or our sun drenched Gazebo, we are sure that you will find something that will be suitable for your groups needs.