Amazing Spiritual Retreat Venue in NY

With 100 acres of privately owned land you could not ask for a better place to switch off from the outside world and spend some time reflecting on what is important to you. We can help you create a timetable that works for you or simply let you design your own for you and your group. Whether you want to spend your time physically or mentally engaged we can make sure you are getting the most out of your time with us with our combination of activities and sports to energize and also to help you relax.


our peaceful settings in UPState ny

Amongst the open lawns and beautifully renovated cabins we have a number of large and more intimate quiet spaces where you can gather groups to hold prayers, discussions or talks and connect on a meaningful level with yourself and those around you in the comfort and privacy of our beautiful grounds. Around the outside of our property we have private woodlands filled with hiking trails allowing you and your guests to explore the wonderful countryside around us.


the best retreat facilities in New york

We have accommodation and dining facilities for up to 500 people in an idyllic setting near the foothills of the Berkshires. Our cabins range in size from 10 - 24 on average and we have many smaller, more personal cabins for couples or individuals. In addition to those facilities we have a huge range of activities that are available to guests. With team sports, tennis courts, swimming pools and more you will never be short of something to keep you active and engaged.


a unique spiritual experience

The best thing about choosing to spend your time with us at Schodack is that you can design your experience to meet your needs how you see fit. Use our team to help you coordinate everything and make your plans come to life or be more hands on and take care of everything yourself by designing a programme that works best for you. We will have our team on standby from your first inquiry through to waving you off at the end of your time with us.